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Company Overview

We're transforming at incredible speed. To keep up with this change, we have the most ambitious, courageous and resilient people in the industry taking on new challenges and driving us forward.

We're also passionate about looking after our incredible people. As an employer, we have a responsibility to our teams, and we articulate this through our inclusive ethos.

The BAT ethos runs through everything we do and how we do it. We express this as five pillars, summing up our organisational DNA. Do our principles match yours?

We are bold.

  • Dream big – with innovative ideas
  • Make tough decisions quickly and proudly stand accountable for them
  • Resilient and fearless to compete

We are fast.

  • Speed matters. Set clear direction and move fast
  • Keep it simple. Focus on outcomes
  • Learn quickly and share learnings

We are empowered.

  • Set the context for our teams and trust their expertise
  • Challenge each other. Once in agreement, we commit collectively
  • Collaborate and hold each other accountable to deliver

We are diverse.

  • Value different perspectives
  • Build on each others' ideas, knowledge and experiences
  • Challenge ourselves to be open-minded recognising unconscious bias

We are responsible.

  • Take action to reduce the health impact of our business
  • Ensure the best quality products for our consumers, the best place to work for our people, and the best results for shareholders
  • Act with integrity, never compromising our standards and ethics

Diversity & Inclusion – Bring Your Difference

Creating A Better Tomorrow™ starts with being more inclusive today. By including everyone and getting excited about different perspectives, we make way for out-of-this-world thinking. Diversity of thought will give us the edge we need to reinvent our products, our business and reshape the consumer experience. As a member of our team, you'll join an exceptional workplace, collaborating across borders with colleagues from multiple disciplines to evolve our business in one of the most dynamic phases of our history.

We match the requirements of the job to the ability and potential of the individual, and fair-minded employment principles underpin our culture and all our operations. The principles state that we won't discriminate in hiring, promotion or retirement decisions on the grounds of candidates' or employees' race, colour, gender, age, social class, religion, smoking habits, sexual orientation, politics or disability.

A Sustainable Approach

As we build A Better Tomorrow™, sustainability is at the core of our business. It is crucial to creating a responsible future for our consumers, shareholders, stakeholders and our company. It's not new to BAT either – as a major international business in a controversial sector, we have long been aware of our responsibilities and our ability to address issues on a global scale.

We have a long history in sustainability and contributions to communities, with significant progress including:

BAT has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 19 consecutive years.

We have strengthened our approach to human rights, sustainable agricultural practices among the tobacco farmers we work with and developed industry-wide security systems for our supply chain that help prevent tobacco trafficking.

Our contributions to the local community and charitable projects focus on social investment to benefit the community rather than as a way to promote ourselves.

Application Process

Start Your Unique Journey

You'll be supported during the selection process, just as you would be as a member of the team. We're rigorous in our selection, but the process is something we expect you'll find as enjoyable as it is challenging. Based on the position you apply for, you'll complete some of the pre-screening activities and steps below.

  1. Our online tests are designed to remove biases. You'll be invited to play a set of games, which measure cognitive, social and behavioural traits.
  2. Our screening interviews are an efficient way for you to share some key information with us. We may ask you to be available for a phone interview or answer some questions via a recorded video.
  3. Our face-to-face interviews help you to get to know us and us get to know you. The interview covers a range of topics and often references our leadership capabilities – to see whether our offering matches your needs. It's a two-way street and an excellent chance for you to meet our leaders and ask questions, ensuring that we're the right choice for you.
  4. Our assessment centre is designed to show you the role in action while helping you to see what differences you can bring to BAT. We look forward to seeing how you tackle a real-life immersive situation and achieve great results, both in a group and individually.

Jobs and Opportunities

Territory Sales Executive (Cairns)
Graduate JobsRegional Queensland (Australia)
Actuarial Studies

Responsible for the successful management and implementation of company strategies in store with retailers....

Sales Executive
Graduate JobsSydney (Australia)
Actuarial Studies

Responsible for the successful management and implementation of company strategies in store with retailers....

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